A group of around 100 community members are gathered together to block a dirt road.
Community members block the road in the district of Cañaris, province of Ferreñafe, in protest against Candente Coppers’ mining project .


▷ The Cerro Quilish and Massive Conga expansion projects of the Yanacocha mine, jointly owned by the US company Newmont, Peruvian Buenaventura and the World Bank, have been stalled to local opposition over possible impacts, principally on water supplies.

▷ The Campesino Community of Cañaris organized against Candente Copper’s plans for an open-pit copper project in the northern highlands principally over potential impacts on water supplies.


▷ Opposition from Aymara Indigenous communities to mining led to the cancellation of Bear Creek’s Santa Ana project. In 2014, the company commenced international arbitration against Peru under the Canada Peru Free Trade Agreement.

▷ The Municipality of Santiago de Chuco in La Libertad passed an ordinance to protect local water supplies and impede expansion of Barrick Gold’s Lagunas Norte project.


▷ Awajún and Wampis Indigenous people in the northern Peruvian Amazon came out in strong numbers for a 57-day blockade – in part – to demonstrate their opposition to Dorato Resouces’ attempts to explore for gold in their headwaters. The blockade ended in the death of 33 police, Indigenous and townspeople, but it also put the debate over communit consent prior to any mining on the national agenda. Local resistance continues to create obstacles for gold mining in the northern Amazon.


▷ A UK High Court case led to a settlement for 25 campesinos tortured in 2005 during protests agains the Rio Blanco project (formerly called Majaz) owned by Monterrico Metals and a Chinese consortium in the department of Piura.