woman stands with her hand held up stands in front of a line of Guatemalan National Police in riot gear
Yolanda Oquelí stands in between the Guatemalan National Police and the entrance of the El Tambor mine on May 23, 2014; photo: Guatemalan Human Rights Commission

▷ Three civil lawsuits are proceeding in Ontario courts agains HudBay Minerals for security guard violence agains Maya Q’eqchi’ Indigenous communities in El Estor.
▷ A civil suit has also been brought in British Columbia against Tahoe Resources for security guard violence against peaceful protesters in San Rafael Las Flores.


▷ An estimated 1 million people in mining-affectd communities have said no to mining in municipal or good faith community referendums. This has influenced Guatemalan public opinion with a reported 66% of the population opposed to mining as of January 2014.