Poster on a wall in Támesis, Antioquia, Colombia reads Yes to Life No to Mining
Poster on a wall in Támesis, Antioquia, Colombia.

▷ Several communities have declared their ancestral territories no-go zones for large-scale mining. The Resguardo Indígena Cañamomo Lomaprieta in Riosucio and Supia, Caldas issued an internal resolution to this effect, which is constitutionally recognized under the Special Jurisdiction that Indigenous Peoples have.
▷ Afro-descendant communities in the department of Cauca and Indigenous people of Taraira in the Amazonian department of Vaupés have successfully opposed Canadian company Cosigo Resources’ efforts to enter without their consent.


▷ In July 2014, the municipality of Piedras, Tolima held a popular referendum with 99.2% of the population against the Colosa gold mining project proposed by the giant South-African company Anglo-Gold Ashanti.


▷ Mining is prohibited in important wetland ecosystems for which reason the Environment Ministry refused an environmental licence for Eco Oro Minerals in 2011 following protests by a broad-based coalition.


▷ A 2010 Constitutional Court decision suspended all concessions in the community council of La Toma, Suarez, Cuaca, until prior consultation leading to consent is undertaken with the affected Afro-descendant communities.


A 2009 Constitutional Court decision suspended all mining activities in the Mande Norte case, ordering the state to finalize environmental impact assessments and do prior consultation before issuing and licences.